The Village Hall is in regular use for a number of activities. It is well equipped with tables and chairs, a kitchen etc. and  available to hire for meetings and functions.  It is also equipped for badminton. Check Here for availability

To enquire about booking the Village Hall Please email with details of you requirement or talk to Heidi on 01767 601857 

The AGM took place on Monday March 7 2016.

The reports reflected another successful year with grant funded improvements and a well-received launch event for the new look hall. It is looking good and available for hire!

However there is still work to be done. The roof needs replacing and the car park needs surfacing. The acoustics are not good and whilst it is warm and cosy the heating is inefficient and not very controllable. So there is plenty for the volunteer committee to get to grips with still.

All existing members are standing again but it would be good if a few more could spread the load by joining the enthusiastic team. The finances are healthy and Pre School continues to make good use of the building.


Village Hall