Do you occasionally need help?

With collecting prescriptions, getting to a hospital or doctors appointments. Shopping lifts to Biggleswade, banks or Post Office, small household practical tasks or emergency minor repairs,Lawn cutting, shopping, dog walking, Form filling, letter writing Or maybe you just need someone to talk to?              

Then we can help. All you have to do is phone 07926 021155


Forthcoming Concerts

15th September - John Kirkpatrick

6th October - Lucy Ward

3rd November - Moore Moss Rutter

15th December - Winter Union

Details are here


The AGM takes place in the pavilion  on Tuesday September 25 at 7.30pm. Go along if you would like an update on what has happened and what is planned.

100 CLUB

The latest winners are:
1st:194, 2nd:161,3rd:225,4th:132, 5th:86